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Sep 28th, 2011 Waterlase and the art of Painless Dentistry in Central London Get in touch

One of the first things that dentists realized when they started to use lasers in their treatments was just how little damage was done to the tissue and the teeth afterwards, much unlike a drill that can cause shattering through vibration and the scalpel that often left the patient needing stitches. Of course, this type of treatment then evolved into what is known as Waterlase, which is now being used by dentists all around central London. It incorporates water and a laser at the same time and cuts and bores without heat pressure or vibration. This means the damage done to the surrounding areas is minimal, because it is so deftly accurate. Pain in procedures such as fillings, root canals and gum contouring is kept to a minimum, meaning that on some procedures, there is no need for anesthetic. The procedure leaves very little trauma, swelling and bleeding to the mouth and because it is so fast and accurate, it makes return visits to the dentist redundant. Now just imagine how that would feel for someone who suffers from some form of dental phobia- thank god for technology!

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