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May 17th, 2012 Ways to Get a Lovely Smile Makeover in London W1 Get in touch

It’s lovely to treat and pamper yourself from time to time to reward yourself after all of the good, hard work you have done in London W1; buy some clothes, get your hair done, buy a car, but most importantly, make sure you retain your smile by looking after your teeth. It’s a sad fact, but we all get older and things start to get a little jaded around the edges and one of the things that can suffer badly over time are your teeth. Your gums may start to recede and form unwanted gaps, your teeth can start to wear down, discolour and become cracked and it can seriously affect the way you protract yourself in public. So if this is you, it could be time for a smile make-over to get you up and running again. If you suffer from the above, then veneers are the perfect, natural-looking way forward to cover up the way your teeth and gums have faded with time. Some of you may have great teeth already, so all you’ll need to look supersonic is to have them whitened and you are spoilt for choice with toothpastes, bleaching pens, DIY bleaching kits and laser whitening options- all cheap, all fantastic. If you are missing teeth, fill the gaps will a partial denture, a dental bridge or treat yourself to a dental implant. And lest we forget those wrinkly lips around your teeth. Most dentists offer quick botox treatments to wipe away the lines and crown the mouth perfectly. Like anything else in life, you can push back time and give yourself a youthful treat- go on you deserve it!

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