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Apr 10th, 2015 We Can Help Put Dental Phobia in the Past Get in touch

585983_blogIf you suffer from dental phobia, we can help to banish your fears for good. We are a friendly team with experience in caring for anxious patients and we use the latest techniques and technology to prevent pain and ensure our clients feel comfortable. We have a very gentle approach to dentistry and we understand that for some patients, going to the dentist can be terrifying.

We are a Dental Phobia certified dental clinic and Dr Anoop Maini has over a decade of experience in administering sedative treatment. We often see patients who have not been to the dentist for numerous years and help them to overcome their fears and build their confidence so that future visits are less daunting.

What is sedation?

Sedation is the technique we use to treat patients who suffer from dental anxiety in order to make them feel more comfortable. We use intravenous sedation to induce a dream-like state that reduces anxiety and enables patients to get the treatment they need, without any fears of feeling discomfort during the procedure.

When you are sedated, you feel calm and relaxed and your body goes into a sleep-like state. You won’t feel any discomfort, and afterwards, you won’t remember much about the treatment you just had.

We recommend sedation for nervous patients and also for patients who are having a long or complex procedure.

What happens after sedation?

After treatment, the effects of the sedative medication will start to subside and you will gradually become more alert. Although you’ll be free to head home, we recommend organising a lift with a friend or relative and asking them to stay with you while the effects of the sedative are still wearing off. You should avoid drinking alcohol, exercising, driving and making any important decisions for the first 24 hours after sedation.


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