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2839654_blogSummer is just around the corner and with the lure of refreshing cool drinks and fruity ice lollies often too hard to resist, now is the time to sort out sensitivity. If you experience shooting pain when you sip a cup of tea or wince every time you bite into an apple or ice cream, we are here to help.

What is sensitivity and what causes it?

Sensitivity is pain and discomfort that generally occurs when your teeth come into contact with something that it very hot or cold, such as a hot and cold drinks or cold air. you may also get sensitivity when you eat or drink something that has a very sharp, acidic flavour. Sensitivity occurs when the enamel layer of the tooth is thin, damaged or worn. This causes the dentine to become exposed. The dentine lies underneath the enamel and contains the nerves, which is why you feel sensitivity.

The most common reason for sensitivity is acid erosion, which is usually linked to diet. Sugary and acidic foods such as fizzy pop, chocolate bars, wine, sweets and juices, are the worst offenders.

What can be done for sensitivity?

Sometimes, sensitivity is symptomatic of decay and a filling may be needed. While it is not possible to restore the enamel, it is possible to prevent further damage by adapting your diet and focusing on maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

There are toothpastes designed to protect the enamel and reduce the risk of enamel wear and sensitivity. Some products also offer instant relief for pain caused by sensitivity.

If you would like advice about dealing with sensitivity, our dental team will be happy to help. We can also make recommendations for creating effective oral hygiene regimes at home and help you to decide which products to buy.

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