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Jan 19th, 2012 West London and going beyond just Brushing Get in touch


We all strive hard to look after our teeth in west London and from a very early age, we have had it drilled into us the importance of brushing at least three times a day and then rinsing. Brushing will remove acids and film from the surface of the teeth and keep the enamel free of tooth decay. But one thing you may not have been told about is the importance of flossing. You see, a big old brush is all very well, but it won’t delve into the darker areas between the gums and teeth where food love to congregate: removing this needs extra consideration and effort. Dental floss is designed to be worked between the teeth and up around the gums so that the residue left over after a meal is removed. By doing so, you will be drastically cutting down the chances of plaque, gum disease and tooth decay developing in the mouth. You can also buy tiny little brushes that are just ideal for getting between the teeth and again, removing the problem of lodged food. And the final icing on the cake in all of this is a decent mouthwash. These have really com on over the years and are specifically aimed at fighting plaque, regenerating your teeth with fluoride and killing bacteria. By backing up your brushing with all this will keep your mouth in total harmony, keep the teeth in your mouth for a very long time and help you to avoid complications in later life.

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