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Aug 6th, 2014 West London Dental Fillings Can Brighten Your Smile Get in touch

4843159_blogDental fillings are a common treatment and are used most frequently to fill in cavities. They are used to help strengthen the tooth and halt the spread of bacteria within cavities.

Mercury Filling Alternatives

The main types of dental filling are mercury amalgam fillings and white fillings. Gold can also be used in some cases.

Mercury amalgam fillings are murky silver in colour and have been most widely used in the past. These are slowly being overtaken with the advent of white fillings which are significantly more pleasing to the eye.

Although amalgam dental fillings are robust and can last for up to ten years, the popularity of their use has been affected by fears about safety. Some countries have taken steps to ban the use of mercury fillings. The UK still allows for the use of amalgam filling material to be used in dentistry.

There is no such concern regarding white dental fillings which are perfectly safe and made from a dental composite resin. These match up much better to the colour and shade of your natural teeth making them a popular addition to the realm of dentistry in recent years. Your smile could be transformed. This form of filling can last up to seven years.

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