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Sep 13th, 2009 West London dentist achieves stunning results with CAD/CAM technology Get in touch

CAD/CAM stands for computer aided design/computer aided manufacture and is causing a revolution in the world of manufacturing. These similar technologies are now being used to great effect in the world of dentistry. This new technology is utilized to fabricate the precise shape and size of dental restorations that the patient requires. CAD/CAM technologies have significantly improved the levels of accuracy in terms of shape and size of crowns and veneers. This has improved the cosmetic results for the patients and enabled the dentist to work more efficiently and reduced the need to see the patient on as many occasions.

The 3D representation of the mouth the computer is able to replicate allows it to build an exact ceramic copy of the drawings, so the crown will fit perfectly in the mouth. This greatly reduces the possibility for the teeth to shift after the procedure. The smaller space between teeth also reduces the risk of possible post-procedural infection. Because the CAD/CAM replications are so accurately sized it means they are often stronger, which has allowed dentists to reduce the amount of metal needed to sure up any restoration work.

The use of CAD/ CAM technology does not necessarily mean that the procedure will be prohibitively expensive, providing the dentist has all the necessary equipment in office. West London dentists using CAD/CAM technology are at the cutting edge of dentistry and are capable of producing cosmetically stunning dental repairs using the very latest technological equipment.

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