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Jun 6th, 2012 West London Dentist Advises Patients about Dental Bridges Get in touch

Beyond the unappealing cosmetic effects, a missing tooth can create functional impairment and cause further damage over the long term. Dental bridges are a false tooth that is inserted into the mouth to create a full set of teeth that are beautiful and fully functional. Unlike dentures, bridges are permanent fixtures of the mouth. New types of dental bridges can blend seamlessly into your natural row of teeth. Visit your local West London dentist to find out more information on whether dental bridges can help you.

There are two principle types of dental bridge. Fixed bridges create a very strong false tooth by bonding to crowns on the surrounding teeth. This creates maximum strength by anchoring the new tooth to the two adjacent healthy teeth. Resin bonded bridges use mental bands to attach the new tooth to the adjacent teeth, these are often used on front teeth where the bands can be hidden from view.

Due to the how bridges are affixed, they are generally only possible if there are strong, undamaged teeth surrounding the gap, your local dentist will have other options if this is not the case. The bridges are most commonly precious metals, such as silver, with a bonding of porcelain on for the outer layer. Fitting bridges can sometime take several visits to your dentist in order to create moulds and shape the space for the new tooth, install the bridge, and check the fitting is correct after a few weeks usage. It is important to continue with good dental hygiene once the bridge is fitted, including brushing and flossing frequently.

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