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Nov 15th, 2011 West London Dentist Answers Your Questions About Abscessed Tooth Treatment Get in touch

Your dentist can quickly diagnose an abscessed tooth with a simple examination. X-rays may be required to see just how far the infection has spread. The infection of an abscessed tooth may erode surrounding bone. Once a diagnosis has been made by your dentist in London, treatment for the abscessed tooth can begin. Most infections can be drained with a root canal procedure and a root canal surgery may be needed in order to remove any infected root tissue. If your infection can be taken care of in this manner, you will simply need a crown placement to preserve the damaged tooth. In other words, you will experience no tooth loss. Unfortunately, some cases cannot be treated with a root canal procedure. The affected tooth will then need extraction so that the infection can be drained through the socket. Another option is to drain the infection through a small cut into the surrounding swollen gum tissue. You will need a course of antibiotics while you heal so that the infection does not return or spread. Medication may also be required for pain and swelling during your recovery. Your dentist may also recommend gargling warm salt water. The earlier your abscessed tooth is discovered by your dentist, the easier treatment will be for you. Please do not ignore your abscessed tooth, even if you are experiencing little to no pain, as the infection will spread with dire consequences.

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