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Oct 5th, 2008 West London Dentist can Help to Alleviate your Fears Get in touch

Fear of the dentist is a very common problem, and is higher in male than in female patients. These patients usually do not seek regular dental checkups, and arrive at the dentist’s office when it is usually too late to save the tooth. They allow their dental health to suffer, and require procedures to eliminate severe pain and/or infections, which in turn, makes their visits to the dentist more stressful for both these patients and their dentist. It is important to visit your West London dentist regularly, to prevent dental problems that can be very painful, or result in loss from either an infected tooth/teeth (i.e., dental abscess) and/or surrounding tissue structures (i.e., gingivitis or periodontitis).
There are numerous modern dental technologies that can help you to be more relaxed and to overcome the fears and anxieties of visiting the dentist in West London. With many patients, there is possibly something that occurred at the dental office when they were children that made them fearful of the dentist. It could be the smell of the clinic or the dentist, and the chemicals that are being used. You have a lot of company, as the majority of patients fear the dentist and/or the procedures! Besides these previous negative dental experiences and smells, embarrassment about their mouth condition, the noise of the drill, poking with the explorer and other instruments, and worrying about being gagged, have all been causes for concern in anxious patients.
Some things that may help you cope with your fears and anxieties are: being honest and up front with your dentist; tell the dentist you are scared. There are different things that can be done at your West London’s dentist’s office to help you. Your dentist can explain the procedure to you, and let you know how long it will take. That way you know what you are facing. Find a sympathetic dentist and staff! Let your dentist know about your previous dental experiences that may have contributed to you being frightened and anxious. Your West London dentist have several distraction and relaxation techniques that they can use to help comfort you, or they can use pain free injection techniques, combined with special glasses and music so that you will not hear all of the noises associated with the dental procedure. Other aids are sedation and pre-medication. Don’t avoid the dentist, but instead communicate with them to see if they are the right dentist for you and your needs.

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