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Jul 11th, 2012 West London Dentist Discusses Who Needs Dentures Get in touch

Dentures are no longer the old uncomfortable things that were lose and ill-fitting. Technological improvements in material, manufacture and design have lead to greatly improved dentures that fit securely and firmly into your mouth and are comfortable when eat and talking all day long. Although it is normally the elderly who are associated with dentures it is become a valid treatment for many people who have suffered tooth lose for any number of reasons, whether it is severe tooth decay or gum disease, or a physical injury from a tough rugby match or unfortunate accident.

It is not even necessary to have all your teeth missing to get dentures. Partial dentures can be produced to fit specifically into whatever size gap you have, with the most appropriately shaped tooth for its necessary function (biting, chewing, etc). Dentures offer a possibility for those who can’t have or don’t want dental implants which require surgery to drill into the jaw bone.

Since you can remove your dentures it is relatively easy to keep the clean. As with regular brushing, in the morning and at night you should give dentures a thorough clean to make sure that all food particles have been completely removed. It is also very important to make sure that you continue cleaning your gums, even if they no longer have your original teeth in them.

If you feel that dentures might be the right course for you visit your West London dentist for a chat and they will be able to answer any further questions about dentures that might have arisen.

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