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Nov 15th, 2019 Save Knocked Out Teeth Get in touch

Children sometimes have their adult tooth or teeth knocked out during an accident, fall, or sports activity. 

If you’re around when this happens, don’t fear. Just follow our advice. 

Start by finding the tooth and take a look to see if it’s milk tooth or an adult tooth. We’ll replace an adult tooth if possible, but we wouldn’t replace a milk tooth.

Now you have the tooth, the race is on. The faster you can get emergency dental care, the better our chances will be of successfully replacing the tooth.

If you can get to us in less than 30 minutes – great. Time is of the essence.

Place gauze if you have some or a piece of tissue in the area of the mouth where the tooth was lost to control bleeding. Try not touch the root surface of the tooth/teeth, and only handle the tooth by the crown. 

Next, you’ll need to find somewhere to put the errant tooth.

If possible, try re-inserting the tooth back into the socket from which it has come loose, taking care to orientate it properly. You should only do this if the child is old enough to keep the tooth in place without swallowing it. 

If this isn’t possible, you can stow it in the vestibular area of your cheek where the lower gum tissue meets the cheek.

You could place it in a glass of milk salt water if you’d prefer. However, ordinary tap water should usually be avoided because of its high chlorine content.

Here’s the really important part: Now hop over to Aqua Dental Clinic’s Crouch End practice where our emergency team will do whatever they can to save the tooth and keep the tooth fairy away. We may use a splint to keep the tooth stable for a while after replacing it. 

If your little-one is prone to knocks and bumps, ask us about a custom mouthguard to prevent the worst from happening.

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