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Dec 5th, 2008 West London Dentist Helps Save Knocked Out Teeth Get in touch

Children sometimes have their adult tooth or teeth knocked out during an accident, fall, or sports activity. If this occurs and you are present, or another adult is present, follow the advice of your West London dentist. It is crucial that you look at the tooth and make sure that it is in fact an adult tooth and not a primary or baby tooth, as baby teeth are not replaced. The faster you can get the tooth replaced into the mouth, the greater the success rate of replacement. If this can be done in fewer than 30 minutes, the better the rate of survival. Watch the time, it counts!

Place gauze if you have some or a piece of tissue in the area of the mouth where the tooth was lost to control bleeding. This will also allow you and your child the ability to calm down. Once you know that it is in fact an adult tooth or teeth, call your West London dentist. You should have his number available, but if not, it is very easy to find. Make sure that you have the tooth/teeth with you and do not touch the root surface of the tooth/teeth, and only handle the tooth by the crown. The tooth should be either inserted into the vestibular area of your cheek (i.e., between the outer lower gum tissue where it meets the cheek tissue). A glass of milk or salt water can also help. Due to its high chlorine content, water from the tap should be a last resort. If at all possible, attempt to replace the tooth or teeth into your child’s tooth socket where the tooth was knocked out, but make sure that it is positioned correctly with the front of the tooth facing the front of the mouth. You can possibly do this if the child is old enough and will not swallow the tooth. As previously mentioned, make sure that you have your West London Dental Clinic telephone number available. Your West London dentist will do everything possible to try to save the original tooth. They may splint it in place after it is replaced. If your child is involved with sports, you may want to have a custom make guard fabricated by your West London Dental Clinic to prevent this from occurring!

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