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Oct 7th, 2009 West London dentist repairs broken tooth with dental bonding Get in touch

Cosmetic bonding is one of the most widely used and versatile of the cosmetic dentistry procedures. It can be used to repair damage to teeth such as chips and cracks but it can also be used to fix aesthetic problems such as worn or discoloured teeth. Bonding is also very useful for constructing artificial barriers to protect sensitive or exposed areas of the teeth.

Dental bonding is a relatively straightforward procedure and as such is therefore one of the least expensive. Unlike some of the more complex dental procedures composite bonding can be mixed up on the spot by the dentist and does not require laboratory conditions. This means that patients who require dental bonding can have the necessary procedures carried out in one visit. This is of course unless extensive bonding requires one application to dry before another can be applied. Another significant advantage is that unless dental bonding is being applied to particularly sensitive areas of the teeth, such as an exposed cavity, it is usually a pain-free procedure.

Dental bonding is made form a composite resin that can be mixed up to closely match the colour of the patient’s existing teeth. It is therefore used by dentists as filling material and also to replace any old unseemly metal amalgam fillings. Dental bonding’s great versatility makes it a very popular tool for dentists and its affordability makes it a popular choice for patients.

The application process is very simple. First the dentist will mix up the bonding to the appropriate shade. Then it will be applied and moulded to the desired shape. When satisfied, the dentist will then set the bonding using the very intense heat of a dental laser.

Dental bonding is very durable and fairly resistant to stains. If properly maintained it can last up to ten years before it needs replacing and can be instrumental in protecting a patient’s dental health. If you are suffering from broken or chipped teeth or any cosmetic condition such as discolouration, ask a West London dentist about dental bonding at your next appointment.

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