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Sep 20th, 2009 West London dentist saves knocked out tooth Get in touch

An avulsed, or knocked out tooth as it is more commonly known, can be caused by any accident that involves some kind of head trauma. These kinds of head traumas are most commonly sporting injuries, car accidents or biting on something hard. As with most accidents, prevention is always better than cure, so dentists always advise using the necessary protective devices.

When physically demanding sports are concerned, this means always wearing a mouth guard. These can be uncomfortable and make talking to your team mates a real pain but that’s nothing compared to the pain and lifetime of embarrassment and dental complications a knocked out tooth can cause. It is advisable to visit a West London dentist to have a mouth guard fitted to ensure the maximum level of protection. Other preventative measures include always wearing a seatbelt and steering clear of eating any hard foods, or food that may contain bones.

If prevention hasn’t worked and you are unlucky enough to have had a tooth knocked out, the first response you should have is to try and replace it immediately. Trying to avoid touching the root of the tooth, try to place it back in the vacant hole. With any luck it will slot back in but be careful not to push too hard as this my cause further damage. Once back in place you can secure it gently with some gauze or a wet teabag.

If the tooth won’t go back in, the next best alternative is to cover it with saliva or milk and take it with you to the dentist. This may preserve it long enough to be saved and replaced in your mouth.

Whatever the circumstances, it is essential that you see a dentist immediately. A knocked tooth can be a serious trauma that can cause a lifetime of dental complications, even if the tooth has successfully slotted back in. If the tooth is not replaceable, a West London dentist can talk you through the alternatives, which may involve dental implants or bonding.

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