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Feb 18th, 2010 West London dentist transforms discoloured teeth with teeth whitening Get in touch

Discoloured or badly stained teeth can be very embarrassing and cause the patient to be very anxious and self-conscious about their appearance. It can make people very reluctant to open their mouths or smile in public and be the underlying cause of self-esteem issues and even depression. But with modern cosmetic dentistry there is a solution to having discoloured teeth.

Teeth whitening has existed for many years but in the past has been hit and miss at best and often prohibitively expensive. But as more and more dentists offer the treatment and more patients use it the price is dropping and the treatment becoming more available. New whitening treatments are hitting the market each year, each promising new and improved whitening that takes less time and yields better results.

West London dentists offer a variety of whitening treatments to suit all budgets and time considerations. These range form short one-hour treatments in surgery to two or even three week concentrated procedures involving take home trays to be worn at night. The active ingredient in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide and it works by gradually penetrating the enamel and staining any discoloured areas. Any patches of enamel that have been stained or discoloured are then turned the same colour as the rest of the tooth.

Teeth whitening can be one of the most successful and dramatic cosmetic dentistry treatments, capable of completely transforming the teeth and restoring the self-confidence of the patient. If you suffer from discolouration or staining, ask your dentist about teeth whitening and really give yourself something to smile about.

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