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Apr 5th, 2011 West London dentists administer scaling and polishing to help patients with their oral hygiene Get in touch

There are many good reasons to go and see your dentist every six months for a check up, not least of which is so that any problems with your mouth can be diagnosed and treated. Your dentist will be trained and expert in spotting the early signs of things like dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer. But there is another reason why you should go and see your dentist every six months which will help you with your dental care.

It doesn’t matter how well you look after your teeth there is always the danger that plaque can harden into tartar. Tartar is much like plaque really, it’s just that it has hardened and as such is much more difficult to remove. It is so difficult to remove in fact that you will be unable to do so with your tooth brush at home. It is not difficult for dentists to remove however.

Using a procedure known as scaling and polishing your dentist can effectively remove the hardened tartar from your teeth. They will scrape away at the tartar with a small metal hook and then give your teeth a polish. This not only makes them look better but the added smoothness that the surface of your teeth have after they have been polished means that plaque finds it more difficult to cling to your teeth as a result.

As well as causing dental decay and gum disease, tartar also makes your teeth take on a yellow hue which most people want to avoid. Good looking teeth are white teeth so it is worth going to see your West London dentist to get scaling and polishing done.

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