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Apr 10th, 2011 West London dentists advise patients to keep up with their daily dental care Get in touch

Life is all about routines: getting up, washing, going to work and all the rest of it. Something that must form part of your routine is looking after your teeth properly in the fashion advised by dental experts. By doing so you are lessening the chances of suffering from nasty oral conditions which can leave you needing treatment or actually losing some of your precious teeth.

Brushing of course will be the first thing that you will do. This should take place at least twice a day and you should brush for about three minutes. Use a brush that is comfortable to hold and has a set of bristles which are as firm as they ought to be. Put some fluoride containing tooth paste on the bristles and, with a little water, brush all of the areas of your mouth, including the gum line of your teeth.

Once you have brushed then you must floss too. This is a very important but often neglected part of daily dental care. Your brush will not be able to remove all of the plaque from between your teeth; only by pulling floss through your teeth can you ensure that plaque is not lurking there and beginning to cause dental decay and gum disease.

It is these two ailments in the main which you are seeking to avoid with your daily dental care. Dental decay and gum disease are both caused by plaque building up and not being properly removed from your mouth. Remember though that you are not alone in your dental care; your West London dentist is also on hand to provide help and advice.

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