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Oct 5th, 2010 West London dentists and dental hygienists work in tandem to keep your teeth healthy Get in touch

In the past, a dental check up would involve the dentist examining your teeth for dental problems before spending some time giving them a basic clean. Because of the work load and appointment times dentists could offer, it often meant that they could not be as thorough as they wanted to be and your teeth were not left looking as beautifully clean as they could. These facts led to the gradual rise of the dental hygienist, a professional solely dedicated to making the teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

Dental hygienists work in tandem with dentists, discussing what the patient requires and carrying out specific hygiene tasks recommended by the patient. They do not deal with the functional and health aspects of the teeth (this is still covered by the main dental appointment) but this means that both the dentist has ample time to carry out a thorough check up and the hygienist has enough time to carry out a complete deep clean. The best of both worlds.

Hygienists primarily use techniques called scaling and polishing to ensure that the teeth are free from plaque, tartar and bacteria. They use the familiar scaling hook to scrape the tooth enamel clean, skilfully avoiding causing any pain or damage to the gums or enamel itself. They then polish the teeth smooth so that it is very hard for plaque and bacteria to stick to the newly cleaned teeth. Not only will this keep your teeth looking great but they will also have that amazing newly cleaned feeling.

Dental hygienists in West London also recommend a treatment called preventative dentistry. This aims to clean the teeth and encourage the patient to follow a dental hygiene plan so that the teeth remain as clean as they possible can. This has proved to be very effective at preventing dental problems such as decay.

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