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Sep 15th, 2011 West London dentists and the full picture of home oral care: do more than brush Get in touch

Once you have brushed your teeth, that should not be the end of your home oral hygiene routine. There are other things to take into consideration lest you want to be at the mercy of the damaging effects of plaque on your teeth and gums.

The failure to floss can leave damaging amounts of plaque in the gaps between your teeth. If plaque is left there it can erode the layer of enamel and start to cause cavities. These will have to be filled otherwise the pulp chamber inside the tooth can become compromised and the health of the whole tooth will be threatened. Flossing doesn’t have to take very long and it is not a costly pursuit. In fact a box of dental floss represents excellent value as they usually contain many metres of dental floss.

Other things to consider when you are looking after your teeth at home include how you are brushing your teeth and the equipment you are using. Overly vigorous brushing can do more harm than good and the use of a brush with frayed bristles won’t do much remove plaque at all.

Even if you brush your teeth really well and take the advice to floss too, there is one other crucial part of your dental routine that should not be neglected: six monthly visits to your dentist in West London.

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