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Feb 28th, 2011 West London dentists are experts at replacing missing teeth with dental bridges Get in touch

If you have lost a number of teeth from tooth decay or an accident then you should get them replaced so that your mouth can function properly again. Your mouth is a highly specialised organ that relies on having all the right parts in place so that it can eat, drink and talk with ease. Having a gap where teeth ought to be can compromise these activities and your cheeks can sag in so that you appear older than you actually are.

A bridge is a method replacing teeth by attaching them to existing teeth. There are three main types of dental bridge. Traditional or fixed bridges are when a false tooth is fused between two neighbouring teeth. This is a particularly stable method but may not always be appropriate if the surrounding teeth are not strong enough.

In the case of resin-bonded or Maryland-bonded bridges, the resin is concealed when the bridge work is done at the front of the mouth. This is to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your smile. If your front teeth are too weak to support a replacement tooth then a cantilever bridge is used where the replacement tooth is anchored on just one side instead of two.

You might need to have a little of one of the surrounding teeth removed in order to accommodate the replacement. Your dentist can determine whether this is necessary by taking a mould of your mouth or by giving you a digital x-ray. While the replacement is being constructed you might need to wear a temporary replacement to keep the area stable.

If you have lost a tooth, talk to your West London dentist about the options available using dental bridge work.

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