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Feb 3rd, 2011 West London dentists fit dental crowns with ease Get in touch

Broken down or damaged teeth can ruin your image and leave you embarrassed about your smile. You may feel uncomfortable in social situations and find it hard to relax around people. A simple way to deal with this is to get a dental crown fitted over the unsightly tooth to conceal it and leav you feeling at ease.

Dental crowns are suitable for most situations of damaged teeth, whether they have been chipped, cracked or broken. If you are suffering from dental decay and have painful cavities, a dental crown, made from hard wearing porcelain can be fitted over the tooth, protecting it from the food and drink which used to make it feel so sensitive.

In order for the crown to be successfully fitted into a mouth full of teeth, some of the surrounding teeth might have to be removed. In this case, dental crowns are not especially recommended for discoloured teeth. A dental veneer or simply treatment with a teeth whitening kit might be preferable in this case.

Many patients are finding that dental crowns can be fitted with astonishing ease these days and the procedure is so convenient that it can be fitted into even the busiest of schedules. Digital x-rays and computer technologies mean that crowns can be constructed in just minutes, without the need for repeated and expensive traditional x-rays.

Talk to your West London dentist about dental crowns if you have a broken down or damaged tooth that you want concealing. Dental crowns can restore the brilliance of your smile and give your mouth back its ability to function effectively again.

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