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Jul 11th, 2011 West London dentists help all of their patients to achieve excellent standards of oral hygiene Get in touch

The modern world provides all sorts of things to think to about in terms of health and well being. We know more than ever about what is good for us and bad for us and it can be very confusing indeed. Oral hygiene forms a vital part of making sure that you are generally healthy and expert advice can be found in a visit to your West London dentist.

Oral hygiene is something that needs to be viewed holistically in the sense that you should be looking to safeguard all of the different parts of your mouth at the same time. Not paying adequate attention to one part of your mouth can hamper the health of the rest of your mouth. Nothing illustrates this better than your gums because unhealthy gums actually cause more cases of tooth loss than tooth decay itself.

The best way to start thinking about achieving the highest standards of oral hygiene is to ensure that you are brushing your teeth and flossing at least twice a day. This is carried out so that the most amount of plaque that you can remove is removed. Plaque contributes to tooth decay by breaking down the protective layer of enamel and allowing holes to form in your teeth.

The activity of flossing helps keep your gums nice and healthy by removing plaque from between the teeth where it can inflame the gums. Maintaining a healthy diet means that your immune system is boosted and your mouth will be more able to fight off any infection that might occur. Strongly consider giving up smoking and curbing any excessive consumption of alcohol because these activities can lead to oral cancer and stymy the production of protective saliva.

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