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Mar 25th, 2011 West London dentists help diabetes sufferers with the oral health Get in touch

For the many people who suffer from diabetes, there are lots of things to worry about. The condition can affect the nerves, kidneys, eyes and heart, to name but a few. But it can also affect the health of your mouth. If you suffer from diabetes it is imperative that you regularly visit your dentist so that your oral health can be monitored.

Diabetes patients are at particular risk of suffering from gum disease. In its most basic form it is known as gingivitis and is quite easy to deal with but must be sorted out so it doesn’t develop into periodontitis that affects the bones holding teeth in place. This is a leading cause of tooth loss, responsible for more lost teeth than dental decay itself.

The reason for this link is the problems that diabetes patients have with controlling the amount of glucose in their blood and this directly affects the gums. It is a further reason for diabetes patients to be rigorous about how well they deal with the blood sugar issue. Excellent daily dental hygiene care can also make a major difference and diabetes patients should brush and floss as directed just like every one else.

Keeping up the routine of visiting your dentist every six months is vital for everyone so that your mouth can be examined by a trained expert and any potentially nasty conditions can be dealt with in their infancy before they get any worse. This is especially so for diabetes sufferers given that they can easily develop gum disease. If you suffer from the condition and want more information, talk to your West London dentist today and he or she will be able to advise you about how to proceed.

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