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Jun 20th, 2011 West London dentists help patients prevent tooth and gum disease by advising them about oral health Get in touch

Tooth and gum disease are a set of related ailments that can have serious consequences for the health of your mouth. It is best not to neglect looking after your mouth because in doing so you leave yourself open to the pain and indignity of tooth loss, not to mention the prospect of invasive and uncomfortable surgical procedures.

As most people will know, the most basic thing to bear in mind is that as much of the acidic substance known as plaque needs to be removed from your mouth on a daily basis. This can be achieved by effective brushing with a tooth brush that has firm bristles and the use of fluoride tooth paste that helps to strengthen teeth against further attack.

Flossing is a vital part of looking after your teeth too as it helps to guard against dental decay as well as gum disease. You should pull dental floss between the gaps in your teeth after you have brushed. This is because your brush will be unable to reach all the plaque that is in between teeth.

Allowing plaque to flourish lets it attack the enamel on the surface of your teeth and holes will begin to form. Eventually teeth can become not fit for purpose and removal might be the only option left. Gum disease is actually a greater cause of tooth loss though than the decaying of teeth itself. This is because the advanced stages of gum disease leads to the bones which hold your teeth in place becoming inflamed and unable to hold teeth in.

Keeping your West London up to date with what’s going on in your mouth is a vital part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and free from disease.

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