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Sep 13th, 2011 West London dentists inform patients of sweet treats that won’t lead to gum disease or bad breath Get in touch

It is well known that sugary foods are a major cause of a number of dental ailments. But cutting them out of your diet can be really difficult if you have a sweet tooth. Thankfully dental scientists have been researching and found that there are quite a number of delicious sweet foods that can be eaten without putting your dental hygiene at risk.

The trouble with sugary food is that it causes a large amount of plaque bacteria to form in the mouth. This can cause not only decay in teeth but also leads to bad breath and gum disease. Bad breath might just be an inconvenience but gum disease can lead to teeth being lost from the mouth if the condition gets particularly severe.

Scientists have found that eating raisins can actually avert the onset of gum disease and bad breath because of the chemicals that they contain. They are also delicious and sweet and can be eaten without worrying whether you are compromising your oral health. The same properties have been found in cranberries and cranberry juice although because of its acidic qualities it is recommended that it is consumed mainly at meal times to lessen the erosive properties.

If you have a sweet tooth but are looking to replace your boiled sweets or chocolate with something less harmful to your mouth, ask your dentist in the West London area for some expert advice.

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