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Dec 18th, 2010 West London dentists offer effective solutions to gum disease Get in touch

The greatest cause of tooth loss in Britain is not actually tooth decay itself. You are more likely to lose a tooth if you contract and don’t effectively deal with gum disease. It is estimated that about three quarters of Britons offer thirty five years old currently have one form of gum disease or another. If you want to avoid the nasty effects of gum disease you should see your West London dentist who will be trained to diagnose and treat the condition.

The most common and basic form of gum disease is that which is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is easily avoided by pursuing the recommended home oral hygiene routine but affects many people. It is characterised by reddening of the gums and pain when eating and drinking.

Gingivitis is not particularly harmful in itself, just inconvenient, but it can lead to far worse problems. Periodontitis is what can occur if gingivitis progresses. It is an extremely painful condition involving the inflammation of the bones which hold your teeth in place. Eventually the teeth will loosen and fall out. You should be vigilant for odd, metallic tastes in your mouth, patches of red in your gums or the feeling that your teeth don’t quite fit properly in your mouth.

Gingivitis is easily treatable, sometimes just by tightening up your home oral hygiene routine, sometimes with antibiotics or special mouthwashes. Any suspicion of gum disease ought to be reported to your West London dentist so it can be dealt with early, thus avoiding the pain and inconvenience of losing any of your teeth.

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