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Aug 3rd, 2011 West London dentists offer patients a revolutionary way to straighten teeth: Inman aligners Get in touch

One of the many nightmares which can face teenagers is the prospect of having to wear a metal brace for several years. These unsightly devices are incredibly effective at straightening out all manner of alignment complaints when it comes to teeth, but they don’t look great and have left many adolescents with self confidence issues during their period of treatment. This problem has been solved thanks to the experts at Inman who have come up with a far more discreet way to straighten out smiles.

The real genius of Inman aligners is the fact that the working part of the devices is hidden behind the front teeth. Instead of using a series of metal brackets and wires, Inman aligners use a coiled spring that is situated behind the front teeth. This spring pushes the front teeth against a straightening bar, the only visible part of an Inman aligner.

Inman aligners can straighten out a smile in just six months flat. Compare this to the two years that metal braces usually need to be worn for and it is no wonder that increasing numbers of patients in the United Kingdom are opting for Inman aligners to create a beautiful, straight smile. They are suitable for patients of all ages and if you are no longer a teenager, this should not put you off from considering wearing an Inman aligner to straighten your smile.

Have a chat with your West London dentist next time you are at the surgery for a check up. You can ask them all about the way that Inman aligners work and find out about the practicalities and costs involved.

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