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Dec 13th, 2010 West London dentists offer solutions to dental pain Get in touch

Dental pain or tooth ache takes a number of forms and can indicate a variety of ailments. It is vital that you report any dental pain to your West London dentist as soon as it occurs because it might be a sign that a serious condition is developing in your mouth. Having dental pain can make activities that you take for granted, like eating, drinking and talking that little bit more difficult and so is best dealt with swiftly.

Eating or drinking food or liquids which are unusually hot or cold can bring on temporary bouts of tooth ache. If you experience this it is possible that the hard substance which protects your teeth – called enamel – has been worn away and the nerves in your teeth are being affected. If this problem is not dealt with then permanent tooth ache might ensue as a result of the enamel being worn away to the extent that your nerves have been compromised.

Excruciating pain can occur in your teeth if you have had an accident which affected your mouth. If an abscess forms then you might have a swelling in the face too. Needless to say, any problems of such magnitude should be reported immediately to your dentist. Accidents can also cause teeth to crack, leaving nerves exposed and causing you pain. A further incentive to keep your dentist informed of dental pain is the recent research showing that tooth ache can be a sign that you have a serious, underlying health issue that has nothing to do with the painful tooth itself.

Your West London dentist is trained to spot the signs of oral hygiene problems and you should report to your surgery if you are experiencing dental pain in any of its forms.

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