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Apr 10th, 2012 West London Dentists Provide the Option of Lava Crowns Get in touch

3982072_blogWhen teeth need to be repaired or replaced there are a number of options and one of these is to have a crown fitted. A crown can be made to either completely cover an existing damaged tooth or be fitted onto a dental implant. Crowns are made from porcelain and have a zirconia framework, which means that a better colour match can be made to the existing teeth.

The translucent zirconia framework can be custom made for a perfect fit. Before being made, the patients’ upper and lower impressions will need to be taken and the bite registration is also taken into consideration to ensure a good fit. The shade required will also be carefully matched up at this point to ensure that the restoration blends in with the natural teeth.

There are a number of benefits of lava crowns over the conventional metal based variety. The main benefits are the lack of metal, which can be a concern for some patients and the crown’s natural appearance. Porcelain crowns are made from materials that closely mimic the appearance of the natural teeth and allow light through them, which can be shaded from the inside out to match the existing teeth.

Your West London dentist can discuss the possibility of using lava crowns instead of the conventional ones if it is determined that you do require this type of work done. Lava crowns can be fixed as a crown where root canal treatment has been done for a tooth. They can also be fixed as crowns over implants. In addition to this they are also strong enough to support a long span bridge, and so are ideal in making bridges that are up to 35 mm in length.

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