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When teeth become infected because decay and enamel erosion has allowed bacteria to penetrate to the central, sensitive part of the tooth it can be very painful and also extremely bad for the health of your teeth and wider body. Dental infections will cause the nerve to come under attack from infection and will ultimately result in its death and the death of the tooth, and once this has happened, the tooth will fall out and leave an unseemly gap in the dental arc.

This eventuality can be prevented at different times along the way, but the longer it goes without treatment, the more serious the treatment will need to be. Firstly, most dental problems can be prevented in the first instance with dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing. This will remove the bacteria and make the sure teeth are protected. However, if plaque and bacteria is allowed to penetrate the enamel causing a cavity, it might be necessary for the dentist to fill it with composite resin. This process, commonly called a filling, will protect the teeth against further damage. If the area to be filled is too large, it may require a porcelain inlay or even a dental crown to offer the necessary degree of protection.

If the infection has already taken hold then you may require a root canal treatment. This involves drilling down into the tooth and removing the infected material. This is a complex procedure, forming the branch of dentistry known as endodontics. It will prevent a lot of pain and will hopefully save the tooth in the long run. West London dentists specialise in endodontics. If you think you are suffering from an infection, the sooner you receive treatment the easier it will be for you

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