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Apr 30th, 2011 West London dentists tell patients they have to do more than just brushing to look after their teeth Get in touch

When you think about taking excellent care of your teeth, your mind probably imagines the tooth brush which is sitting in your bath room as you read this. It is the most handy tool in the fight to keep your mouth healthy and in good working order and you should be using it at least twice a day with fluoride tooth paste to remove plaque and strengthen enamel. But there is far more to dental hygiene than brushing alone.

If you want to avoid things like dental decay and gum disease it is imperative that you also floss your teeth. Plaque will hide wherever it can, including between your teeth. You must not let it stay there because it will break down the enamel on your teeth and, if it is on the gum line of your teeth, begin to inflame the gums. Flossing should remove most of the plaque that is between teeth, leaving you free to enjoy your dental health.

The decisions you take in the rest of your life can have an impact on how healthy your mouth is too. Activities like smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol to an excess on a regular basis can cause oral cancer and they decrease the production of valuable saliva. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise means that you are fit and strong and more likely to fight off a number of things which might otherwise affect you.

Regular trips to your West London dentist complete the picture of a healthy outlook for your teeth and gums. They know more about teeth and gums than just about anyone can check that everything is running smoothly in your mouth.

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