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Dec 2nd, 2010 West London dentists use CEREC technology for amazing results Get in touch

Advances in technology means that dentistry has changed a lot and treatments have become quicker and more efficient. The waiting times for new crowns, veneers, onlays and underlays to be made in the past were often lengthy and inconvenient. All that has changed now thanks to new techniques which allow your West London dentist to construct and fit false teeth in just one visit.

Dentists using CEREC technology no longer have to take moulds of your teeth using dental putty and then have impressions made. This is because digital imaging is used to give your dentist 3D views of your teeth which can be saved onto computers and eradicate the need for repeated x-rays to get different views of the mouth.

These 3D images can then be sent to online milling machines which can fabricate crowns and veneers in an incredible six minutes. This is ideal for those who are apprehensive about visiting the dentist as the time you need to spend in the surgery is dramatically reduced by these speedy processes. Another benefit of the speed and efficiency of CEREC techniques is that the cost is little different to traditional methods. The lack of lab fees mean that, even though cutting edge technology is used, crowns using CEREC range from £380 to £700.

Ask your West London dentist today about how CEREC techniques can slash the time of procedures and give you lasting results without repeated x-rays, the inconvenience of waiting for your permanent replacement teeth to be made and having to wear temporary replacements

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