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Dec 9th, 2013 West London gets Scaled and Polished Get in touch

585811_blogThere are many good reasons why you should pop along and see your dentist in west London because things can get out of hand pretty quickly in your mouth, but your dentist can offer treatments and spot things that you may have missed with your personal oral hygiene; scaling and polishing is just one of these treatments on offer. Scaling is a great way to remove your teeth of tartar and bacteria on the teeth and below the gum-line and it will give you a solid clean-up in order to keep your mouth healthy. Polishing is just a back-up to this. Once the teeth have been scaled and cleaned, a polish will back this up and aside from giving your teeth a pristine look, it will also help to stop food and bacteria clinging to the surfaces of the enamel, which all adds up to healthy teeth and gums. Whenever you go for a regular dental appointment, always ask for this, especially if you are having problems because this in-depth cleaning will help to keep your teeth fresh and clean throughout your life.


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