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Dec 17th, 2013 West London gets Sweet on Halitosis Get in touch

2429879_blogBad breath and halitosis is not a pretty thing to have in a dandy place like west London and if you are into your sweets and love everything with sugar in it, you are going to batter your mouth into hell and add to your problems. However, you can eat some foods that will not only help to soothe your desire for sweet things, but also work to fight off halitosis. Bad breath can stem from gum disease and if you have a love of everything sugary, it will only add to the problem. However, there are alternatives that will not only be good for your teeth and gums, but will also quench your lust for sugar. You can first start eating dried fruits like raisins and apricots that are very good for the mouth and are sweet to the taste. Cranberries are extremely good for the mouth and will help to fresh your breath up. Generally, choosing most fruits can give you the sugar you need whilst taking away those horrible pungent smells in the mouth. Talk the options through with your dentist or hygienist about what you can do with your diet in order to overcome bad breath- it will only be good for your oral hygiene and general health in the future.

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