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Jun 10th, 2011 West London’s natural way to fight Bad Breath and Gum Disease Get in touch

If you have gum disease, you’ll probably suffer from bad breath too and before you can address the bad breath, you’ll have to treat the gum disease first. Gum disease is unfortunately quite common in west London. If you’ve been very bad at maintaining the health of your teeth, any plaque in the mouth would have developed into tartar and the acids in this tartar would have led to tooth decay and the forming of pockets around the teeth. If you have any form of soreness, bleeding or recession in the gums this is gum disease and this is one of causes of bad breath. But after you have had the problem treated at the dentists, this can be followed up by more natural ways to treat the illness. Obviously, the basic oral hygiene that you practice needs to be increased, but you can incorporate the use of Echinacea, tea-tree oil, clove oil and aloe-vera into your program; flosses can be dipped into the tea-tree oil, clove and aloe-vera oil, when massaged into the gums soothes and helps to regenerate the gums and clove oil is good for any gum soreness. These also help to neutralize odors in the mouth. Raisins contain nutrients to stimulate the gums and neutralize smells too. And in the USA, cranberry extracts are used in flosses and recommended in diets to help combat gum disease by breaking down bacteria.

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