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Aug 5th, 2013 West London’s Need For Scaling And Polishing Get in touch

585811_blogIf you are well up with your oral hygiene, you should be able to keep your teeth and gums free from the threat of plaque in west London. However, this can delude you into thinking that you can now discard the dentist from time to time, well unless you are very good with your hygiene, you may well be putting yourself in peril because you’ll never be able to spot things that go wrong like your dentist can. Tiny things may have built up around your teeth and below the gum line and your dentist will be able to get at them by scaling and polishing your teeth. Scaling will scrape away any hardened tartar from the teeth and be able to get any lurking down below your gums. Once your teeth have had this done, they can be polished after. This will smooth the surfaces of the enamel and by doing this every now and then it makes it harder for bacteria to cling onto. Never question why you need to see your dentist regularly, just go.


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