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Nov 14th, 2011 Wet mouth, healthy teeth in Central London Get in touch

If the body is on track, healthy and everything is as it should be, it should be in a position to naturally protect you from problems that may crop up. But people of central London, we all know that problems can escalate quickly, especially in the mouth and if you happen to be on strong medication or have a bad diet, you are in danger of drying up your mouth’s saliva. The result of which is acids and bacteria are free to thrive, leading to bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. If you happen to or feel that you are suffering from dry, you need to get on top of the situation as soon as you can- your dentist is the first person to discuss this issue with and so that the pair of you can come up with a solution. You need to keep fluids in your mouth, so you should try to look at what you eat and drink daily and even talk to a nutritionist. Then you should back away from caffeine-based food and drinks that will attack your teeth and gums. You should also up the way you clean your mouth everyday. Sugar-free gum and sweets will help to fire up the saliva levels in your mouth. Keep your mouth hydrated and you should be free from problems, dry it out and you will be in serious trouble in the very near future.

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