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Aug 22nd, 2014 What A Relief! White Filling Can Save Your Smile In The Nick Of Time Get in touch

1526008_blogDental caries, as well as being aesthetically unpleasant, can be a real hazard to the tooth. They are caused by excessive bacteria build-up and if left unchecked can undermine the structure of the tooth and affect the enamel. Previously, your only option would have been to use silver amalgam to plug the filling. But that’s all changed.

Now our expert dental professionals can restore your beautiful white smile back to its former glory through the use of white dental composite.

What is white dental composite?

White composite filling comes in various natural tooth shades to match your own. This means, unlike silver fillings which stand out a mile, your white fillings will not. Dental composite is a resin which your Aqua dentist can use to sculpt a natural-looking smile.

Why opt for white fillings?

As well as being more aesthetically pleasing, dental composite fillings are generally considered a safer/environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally used silver amalgam filling. Although the silver amalgam used is considered to be a more durable material, advances in scientific research mean that white composite should now last up to 10 years and are a suitable solution to most dental caries. This is surely great news!

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