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Feb 11th, 2014 What causes dental anxiety and how you could overcome it in London W1? Get in touch

352388_blogMany of us approach a dental appointment with a degree of trepidation, but for some people, the mere thought of stepping foot over the threshold of a dental surgery is enough to bring a wave of panic and dread. Unfortunately, regular dental visits are not something that can be overlooked, but there are methods and treatments that can help patients to overcome dental anxiety and enable them to feel more relaxed in the dental chair.

Dental anxiety can stem from many different causes, from unpleasant or painful experiences in the past, a negative perception of dentists and a fear of needles, to a phobia of pain, a sensitive gag reflex and a fear of the dental drill. Some patients also dread going to the dentist because they are embarrassed about their oral health or worried that their dentist may tell them that they have dental issues, which require further treatment.

Regular dental appointments are really important for both dental and general health and if you suffer from dental anxiety, there are treatments that can help, such as sedation and painless injections. Dentists also have training to care for nervous patients and they are able to adapt their approach to each patient to help them to feel more comfortable and confident when they need treatment. Before treatment, dentists are able to spend time with patients and discuss the treatment with them, so that they are able to understand what is going to happen, how long it will take and what they can expect during the procedure.

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