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Jul 4th, 2013 What Cosmetic Bonding Can Do For Your Smile In Central London Get in touch

585983_blogIt is always great to have your teeth looking superb in a place like London, but if something goes wrong, it is an even better feeling to know that they can be restored quickly as well. There are times when your teeth may become chipped or cracked through an accident, but they can decay even more as you grow older, so if you want to stay in the game and ensure that you retain your smile, you’ll need to have a little work done. Cosmetic bonding is a wonderful treatment that has been saving mouths for years; it’s very versatile and very quick to do, which is why it is very popular with busy people. It doesn’t have a great shelf life, but it is a great quick fix if you’re in a rush, plus when it fades, all you have to do is pop back to your dentists for a top-up. The treatment involves covering your old teeth up with layers of resin until the flaws are hidden and there is enough for the dentist to sculpt with. Then the teeth are gently shaped before given a good polish to achieve the final result. The resin will be pre-coloured to match the rest of your teeth, so the finish will sit natural in your mouth. What’s even better is that all of this will only take about an hour and considering it is cheap as well, it is a great option to go for if you want to keep your smile going

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