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Aug 13th, 2010 What do I do if I get toothache in the night? A City of London dentist talks dental emergencies Get in touch

A toothache is a kind of dental emergency, accidents also happen all the time and a chipped or cracked tooth can result from one, this is what a dental emergency is says a City of London dentist. What we all should have is some knowledge of dental emergencies, so we can effectively deal them at any time. Most of us know what to do with cuts and abrasions, and have some antiseptic cream and plasters handy, but not many people know what to do in a dental emergency or even have anything to deal with it. Next time you`re passing the chemists go in and buy a dental kit, they contain enough handy things to temporarily deal with most dental emergencies. For a filling that has dropped out you have dental gum that will plug the opening, and protect the nerve until you get to a dentist. For tooth ache you have Oil of Cloves, and for a cracked or chipped tooth you`ll need some dental cement. If you get caught out just mixing up some ground salt and pepper into a paste, using a drop or two of water, will also help, it’s an old wives tale cure, but it works. Like Oil of Cloves the mixture produces heat and that will calm the nerve, it won`t deaden it entirely but it will go some way to giving you some relief. Whisky or Brandy can be left to lie around the tooth, but don’t drink lots of it as a pain killer, remember that you`ll want to get to a dentist as soon as you can, and going there drunk isn’t a good idea.

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