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Apr 4th, 2011 What food should I eat and avoid to keep my teeth clean and healthy? City of London dentists can tell you Get in touch

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean involves not just brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dental surgery. You also need to consider what your diet consists of. This is hardly surprising given that food goes into the body through your mouth and has to be chewed by your teeth to aid the process of digestion. Making the wrong choices can mean that you might be affected by a dental hygiene problem but making the right decisions will lead to a life time of good oral health.

The main thing to consider is that food and drink causes plaque to be formed in the mouth. Plaque is what needs to be removed by brushing and flossing because it decays teeth and inflames gums. Some foods lead to more plaque being formed than others. Right from a young age we are told that sugary foods are bad for our teeth because they make them decay. This is true because they produce the most amount of plaque.

Starchy foods too produce high levels of plaque and there are some quiet unexpected culprits when it comes to the plaque stakes. Fruit should not be avoided because it is largely very healthy for you and provides valuable vitamins. But it does produce a lot of plaque too so think carefully about when you are eating your fruit and consider giving your teeth a brush afterwards or at least chewing gum so that saliva is produced.

Your City of London dentist will have spent many years studying which foods are good and bad for your oral hygiene so don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any queries.

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