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Sep 17th, 2013 What Sucrose Substitutes can do for you in Central London Get in touch

302075_blogNow if you are totally honest with yourself in central London, anything sugary is absolutely lovely; fizzy drinks, cakes, tea, coffee, biscuits…anything. Unfortunately though, sugar can seriously wreck your teeth and cause cavities and caries in the enamel, and then you are setting off down a route of tooth decay and possibly worse in the future; this can also be frustrating for anyone who is diabetic. However, sucrose substitutes fill this void, or you probably know them better as sweeteners. Not only can you buy them to slip into hot drinks, but they also put into ‘diet’ drinks and also into a lot of foods to give that sugary taste. In the long run, this is a far healthier option for your body and also good for your oral health. Talk to your dentist/hygienist about these substitutes and how they work- they can benefit you greatly if you are trying to lose weight and are often cheaper than buying real sugar.

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