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If you’ve been injured playing sport, suffered a fall or have bitten down on something that was a little harder than anticipated and a chipped tooth, there’s usually no need to panic but it is a good idea to book an appointment with your dentist. Chipped teeth do not usually require urgent attention, but chips can weaken the teeth and increase the risk of further injury, as well as making you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile.

Treatment for a chipped tooth

We offer various solutions for chipped teeth and the aim of treatment is to protect the tooth from further damage and restore the appearance of the tooth. Cosmetic bonding is one of our most effective and affordable cosmetic services. This simple procedure takes just an hour and it can really make a difference to the look of your smile. We use bonding to repair chips, build up worn edges, smooth out the shape of individual teeth and decrease the size of gaps between the teeth.

Cosmetic bonding involves using dental composite to carry out basic repairs and aesthetic modifications to the teeth. Although these changes are often minor, the overall impact can be dramatic and a single session in the dental chair can transform your smile and really increase your confidence, especially if you are conscious about the way your chipped and worn teeth look.

During the procedure, your experienced Aqua Dental Spa dentist will shape the dental composite, which is a similar consistency to dental putty at room temperature, to carry out the necessary changes. When the composite has been bonded to the teeth in the desired places, it is set firm through the use of a curing light and then any final adjustments are made to create the perfect new look. The treatment is comfortable and you won’t need any anaesthetic, so you can return home straight away without any worries about battling a feeling of numbness.

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