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Jun 16th, 2015 What Your Kids Need to Know About Caring for Their Teeth Get in touch

4196468_blogIt’s never too early to learn to take good care of your teeth and we always look forward to meeting younger patients and helping them to hone their brushing technique and perfect their oral hygiene regime. If you have children and you’re hoping to teach them good habits to ensure that their teeth are healthy and strong, here are some tips:

Brushing tips

It’s a really good idea to incorporate twice-daily teeth cleaning from an early age so that brushing becomes part of a child’s daily routine and they can start reaping the benefits as early as possible. When brushing, help your child to hold and control the brush, gently guiding them so that they cover all four corners of the mouth. When they are old enough to brush properly, supervise them and set an egg-timer or alarm on your phone to encourage them to brush for the recommended two minutes.

Chat about oral health

It’s really important that children understand why they have to brush their teeth and what benefits they gain from doing it twice a day. Children will be much more likely to brush their teeth without a battle if they understand that cleaning their teeth everyday helps to ward off disease and prevent nasty symptoms like toothache. If your kids have any questions about oral health, our dentists are always on hand to offer advice, so do not hesitate to call.

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