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Dec 4th, 2012 Whitening your Teeth in West London Get in touch

It’s a given that this is the golden age of having teeth that could grace the cover of a magazine. Sometimes, you may have to settle on some form of rebuilding if your teeth are in a bad way, but if they are already in good nick and have just become a little dusky and jaded, then the way forward is teeth whitening. Once you have assessed your problem with your dentist, there are two ways you can go in west London: you can buy products over the counter to do the job at home yourself, or, you can get some treatment from your dentist. Home treatments are ‘so en vogue’ right now and there are lots to choose from. Toothpastes can be bought for as little as £3-£5 and used over a few weeks, can rejuvenate the whiteness in the enamel. If you only have a couple of teeth ‘playing-up’, then you can get also buy touch up pens, brushes or bleaching strips to solve the problem. But the most popular method is a complete kit that has bleaching trays and a bleaching agent that you pop around your teeth. However, be warned at this method or in fact all of these methods: your dentist will not like the total idea of you going it alone without checking you first for any signs of gum disease, otherwise you could do serious damage to your gums- in which case, why do you get your dentist to do it for you if all of your teeth are fading in colour. Laser bleaching costs around £100, but the results are stunning; it takes about an hour to do and before you know it, your back on the streets beaming with pure radiance.

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