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Mar 6th, 2013 Why choose a Dental Bridge in West London? Get in touch

If you have suffered from the trauma of tooth loss recently, for whatever reason, it may take time for you to get through the shock of it all. But once you have come to terms with your loss, you should turn your attentions to finding a replacement. This is important both aesthetically and for the continuing health of your mouth. A good smile can be very important in a busy, demanding place like west London and to maintain it, it is important to keep it healthy. One of the many ways you can get around tooth loss is to have a dental bridge fitted. Bridges vary in design and your choice depends largely on the treatment you need. However, there are around a few stock designs to choose from and will be tailored to where in the mouth your loss has occurred. The old fashioned bridge would be moulded into the gap left by your teeth using wires and resins, or if the loss was among a row of teeth a new tooth would be moulded between two crowns and then cemented onto the two surviving teeth either side of the gap. This latter method of cementing the bridge in is a more viable choice because now it can be used in conjunction with a dental implant and this has made the bridge more robust and extended its shelf life. Of course, having an implant with your bridge will push the price up, but cost should never govern what is best for your oral health and you may as well get the best for your oral health, after all, if you care for your bridge, it will last you a good 20 years.


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