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Nov 9th, 2010 Why choose invisalign in the city of London Get in touch

We generally think that braces are worn solely by teenagers, but they are being used more and more by adults in order to get back that healthy smile. Like most braces worn in the city of London, Invisalign is designed to straighten crooked teeth and protect the occlusion (bite) of the mouth. The treatment uses a personally designed, clear aligner that is changed every couple of weeks to accommodate movement until the teeth are straight. During consultation, it is possible to show the patient predicted movement of the teeth and the outcome, using 3-D computer generated imaging. But this aligner has several attractive advantages over others. Being removable, it allows for normal oral hygiene to be maintained, can be taken out for eating and removed for going out socially. Being transparent, it is difficult to detect in the mouth, important if you are a teenager or of a vain nature. But the best advantage of all is the period of treatment; about a third of the time that most traditional braces take. It isn’t the cheapest of treatments, coming in at around £3000, but the advantages outweigh the price.

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