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Jan 15th, 2010 Why Dental Hygiene is Crucial for Overall Health Dental Checkups by a West London Dentist Get in touch

A dentist in West London has spoken out about the importance of due diligence in oral hygiene, and follow up dental checks. Just being regimental in your daily care of your teeth and gums isn’t enough to ensure that you keep disease at bay, a patient needs to still have regular check-ups, at least 6 months apart, to ensure that the risk and progress of any dental and gum problems are minimised. We’ve all heard the expression “Its not Rocket Science”, and dental hygiene along with regular check-ups certainly do come under that category. At a check up your dentist will follow a set routine of checks; these will include looking at the gums which are a protective layer that cover the most sensitive part of a tooth. The base of a tooth is also important as it is here that bacteria will have the most devastating effect on the enamel. Gum disease is not curable; it is only possible to keep the progress at bay. This is best done with excellent oral care on a daily basis. However, this needs to be combined with those twice yearly check-ups. At the check up the dentist will remove any tartar build up that even the most rigorous of brushing, flossing and mouth washes fail to combat. Many people simply follow the advice of their dentist and that is most commendable, but you also need to speak to your dentist about any other problems you may be having. These can include sporadic spells of sensitive teeth, bleeding from the gums, infections that last a few days or longer, ulcers or anything that occurs during the 6 months interval. Make a note of it and tell the dentist when and how often the problems occur, they may be good at their profession, but dentists don’t do `Mind Reading` as part of the training!

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